Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nikita Mirzani male breasts squeezed

Breast Photos Nikita Mirzani on hold 2 Men
Virtual world again surprised by an artist's nude photos. Yes, nude photos of former lovers Kiky "The Potters", Nikita Mirzani that adorn the various online media that is now easily found for the thirst of curiosity.

Looks like nothing new if at some sites mentioning Dracula movie actress photo Love is the middle of naked chest with breasts covered with hair. But most surprising is the photograph Nikita with a man who was posing intimately without the use of clothing or clothes boss.

In the photo Nikita position back to the man, behind the backs of women against male chest. Her face looked up, she accompanied memerlihatkan gaze as lustful lips. Interestingly, his fingers squeezed her breasts look Nikita.

Expression of such a state as if the woman lives so enjoy every touch of the man's finger. But unfortunately, we do not get the whole picture and only a half-body photos.

When seen from the results, it seems the image is professionally packaged with a certain light settings so that the face of the man does not seem obvious even deliberately hidden.

Associated with the circulation of nude photographs of a man, an actress whose face often appeared on talk show titled "Grandfather Grandfather Narsis" (CCN) in a private station that claimed to not know 


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