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Indonesia's sexiest artist

1. Nadya Hutagalung
The sexiest ever! Batak-australia mulatto woman is starting a career as a model and its initial furor appears
as POPULAR magazine cover in 1992, his age was still 18 years old, but look like a mature 28-year-old woman. subsequent career he appeared as a 1995-era mtv vj's. there is the issue since he appeared on the popular, he pursued many men who want to spend time with him, he was eventually somewhat reluctantly back into Indonesia, and had married a man with south korea. now he became ambassador Senayan City.
 2. Tamara Bleszynski
although since married him look decent in public, but still can not cover that in the period before marrying him perform incredibly sexy, but still polite. was dubbed the most beautiful celebrities with chest (its where ya know) .. hehehe. for me, since nadya Hutagalung disappeared abroad, he performed the number one in Indonesia.

3. Sophia Latjuba
certainly before there nadya Hutagalung & tamara sticking, sophia Latjuba who was number one show. renowned as a model since the late 80 "s, she not only appeared on the world model, but also play movies & a singer. since marriage with Indra, he rarely look sexy, newly bobbed again make a scene after a divorce when she appeared for coverage in the popular in 1999, with nearly naked poses. circulation of popular editions of plasticity was only a week, the rest is pulled and now can be found at used book stores. Latjuba now married to Caucasians michael vilareal, controversial marriages.

 4. Sarah Azhari
sarah seems to really rely on its body sexiness to attract public attention. he appeared very often in magazines Dakota, with more and more sexy appearance. in addition to modeling, she also sang. 1999 or 2000 he also briefly appeared almost nude in the magazine as a cover MATRA, and face a lawsuit as well if not wrong.

5. Febby Lawrence
former national film hot stars. but among the other hot stars, it was the most polite febby game, but still could not cover up that he is the sexiest among all. after the national film industry that relies on sex theme throughout the 1990 "'s collapse, his career was seen to fade. he only appeared once in several soap operas in late 1990'an.

6. Aline Tumbuan
he was selected as the 2004 version of FHM's sexiest woman Indonesia. now more and more appear to be a tv presenter in private.

7. Karenina
He performed a total of at modeling & catwalk. although fans of rap music, but he never swerved to try to be a singer for example. consequently, his career may stagnate because in Indonesia, modeling is not going to last forever. but it seems clear he was enjoying his career at this time.

8. Rianti Cartright
mtv vj who later tried to play the national film. no question about it, just see the action on TV or just see pictures hehehe.

9. cut Keke
one of the 90s generation who left, but he is more famous for making the sensation of time going out with Ahmad Albar who was much older. gathan marriage with a much younger age and a student just corn. for me he is more famous for playing time with my film Kadir & Doyok hehehe.

10. Titi Kamal
probably among the most polite among them all. but the sex appeal of his extraordinary, and he was quite successful in the midst of a national film industry was on the rise and flourish.

11. Happy Salma
Happy is known as a model, before then expanding as a soap opera actress, star of the big screen, theater and TV presenter.

12. Nadine Chandrawinata
Chandrawinata Nadine was Miss Indonesia 2005 from Jakarta province delegates. Nadine bekesempatan represent Indonesia in Miss Universe 2006 held at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, United States and won the second prize for Best National Culture and Princess Friendship. Unfortunately, ayunya appearance is not matched with English language skills, especially fatal mistake in the pronunciation of Indonesia as a beautiful city (Indonesian Is Beautiful City) in an interview in English. but still, he includes sexy. no doubt about it.

13. Cornelia Agatha
His name became popular for her role as the character of a rich girl named Sarah in the TV series, SI Doel schoolboy. Plus performances have appeared in many soap operas, making her more popular. later he also played the national film, and was active in theater. cornelia including sexy young star who is full accomplishment in the 90s. now maybe he better enjoy his role as a housewife.

14. Annisa Tri Banowati
Initially she was known as the beloved actor adjie pangestu, and eventually become his wife. but apparently before that she already had diperistri and have children of ari sigit, since he was 16 years old. annisa was now divorced and married again at who? Sutan jorgi? well ... although already married 3x, still sexy mother just this one.

15. Catherine Wilson  
Talk of the model can not be separated from Catherine Wilson. Although the starting rare waddle down the catwalk and more focus in acting, beautiful virgin who was familiarly called this Keket, still will not leave the world a model he made his name.

16. Mariana Renata
She is an actress and model who in 2004 had been a star Lux ad, which then catapulted his name.

17. Mulan Jamela
Mulan is the band vocalist duo, Queen, along with Maia Ahmad's wife who also fronted the band Dewa 19, Ahmad Dhani. Mulan joined the Queen Mary Mambo replace the sacked by the management of the Queen. Almost similar to the case of Mary, Mulan now been sacked due to problems with the management of the Queen. I myself deplore the departure of Mulan jamela. she not only beautiful, sexy and energetic on stage, but the singing style brings freshness to the song queen. huge losses for the queen actually.and the now defunct ratu 

18. Artika Sari Dewi
Artika Sari Devi name known to the public since being elected Miss Indonesia 2004. The participation of Pacific Islands origin virgin ayu is in the arena of universal or Miss Universe daughter makes her figure more known, especially when the owner of 168cm height and 48kg weight is the only Asian woman who managed to enter the Big 15 Miss Universe held in Bangkok, Thailand, May 30, 2005, and won the 'Miss Universe Crystal' to Indonesia.

19. Alya Rohali
Alya Rohali, known as host as well as soap opera star. Joint presenter Helmi Yahya, he successfully guided a live quiz show Who Dare(Kuis Siapa Berani), which aired on Indosiar. Alya himself is a former None Jakarta as well as Puteri Indonesia 1996

20. Fifi Aleyda Yahya
in metro tv news presenter. sexy actress not only monopoly, but was also a presenter. seems to prove this fifi

Friday, November 18, 2011

Agnes Monica Girl Sexy Model Artist

Biodata Agnes Monica, profil and biography beautiful hot actress singer of Indonesia :
Full name : Agnes Monica
Real name : Agnes Monica Muljoto
Nick name/celeb name : Agnes
Sex : Female
Religion : Christian
Pace of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : July 01, 1986
Hobby : Ice skate and Badminton
Weight : 49 kg
Height : 165 cm

Always innovative and dynamic in play and reach the line of achievement, not a place if the artist Agnes Monica as the ground water board.

Multitalenta artist who initiated her career as a child singer is not only vocal champion, but the girl born July 1st 1986, this candidate also acting champion, real fact in sinetron Pernikahan Dini that starring with starring Sahrul Gunawan make her name more and rebound.

The decision to leave university and focus more on the world entertaiment is not futile, Agnes successful snatch prestigious awards like 'Most Favorite Female' MTV in 2006 and "Artis Solo Wanita Terbaik" and " Penyanyi Rythm & Blues Terbaik " AMI Award 2006.

As many as five awards was get by Agnes of year 2006, and making selected as' Most Popular Actress 2006 '.

Not satisfied with the award was getting, the stars of this sensation, has ambition to Go International. To support her ambition, Agnes tried akting in the film THE HOSPITAL that starring with Jerry Yan, and sharping strength her vokal with Keith Martin at the album WHADDUP A. ..?!

Achievements and responsibilities of the field that the handling make LG Electronics Indonesia was interested with Agnes and choose to be the ambassador for their products several years to come.

On May 15, 2007, Agnes became a concert opener performers Boyz II Men at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Agnes previously planned duet with Vanya, Maurice, Shawn, but because there is no preparation cooked, collaboration is canceled done.

Old not appear in the display glass, in 2008 Agnes was akting back in the display glass. Ia membintangi sinetron JELITA dan KAWIN MASSAL. She was starring “Jelita and star Kawin Massal”. Agnes appear in the display glass is also to treat the fans to its view that rarely appear. Because she is more in the show-show to sing, even in Korea until he was to do the show singing.

Artist who had gossip with Bams Samson and performers Afgan prove quality her mucic still be feasible. Place award in the MTV Indonesia Awards 2008, Agnes awarded as the Most Favorite Female through the single “Matahariku”.

September 2008, Agnes back album launch, NEZ. Interesting that this album only contains two songs only, ie, a single Matahariku that also the soundtrack sinetron Jelita and single Godai Aku Lagi.

Price CD album is also very affordable only Rp15.000. This is because Agnes want to reduce piracy in Indonesia. And only within a month a single RBT has Matahariku activated by 1.5 million mobile phone users in Indonesia.

Who never stops to achievement. At the end of 2008, Agnes returned get top award in the world music of the country.This time she chosed as Penyanyi Favorite place in Indonesia Kids Choice Award 2008.

Agnes prove she is able to maintain performance. In March 2009, her name became one of the award recipient Music Class Heroes. And she became a youngest receive this award.

Back, Agnes released new album. Early April 2009,she launched the album title is given SACREDLY AGNEZIOUS. Unlike the previous album, the album that single sponsor this “Teruskanlah” she launched in two versions, contains 10 tracks and 13 tracks. Interestingly, here Agnes directly involved as producers.

Recently released the newest album, Agnes already wash performance. Agnes was chosed as soloist woderful version Dahsyat Awards event that took place on April 19, 2009.

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Agnes Monica picture

Agnes Monica photo

 ... Collection of Agnes Monica Pictures / Photos / Wallpapers / Images

Agnes Monica


1995-2002: Career breakthrough

Agnes started her career at the age of 6 as a singer and host of a children's TV show. As a child singer she released three albums called Si Meong, Yess and Bala-bala. And not enough with that career, She also became a presenter of VAN (Video Anak Antv) on Antv, Tralala-Trilili on RCTI and Diva Romeo on Trans TV. And her hard work got the prize, In 1999 and 2000, she won a Panasonic Award. She became the most favorite children presenter for her work at tralala trilili. Her second children album, Yess, was also became the Best Kid Album in 1999 and the award she received is not stopping but get more and more every year.

When Agnes was 15 years old, not only she played in a very big hit series called Pernikahan Dini, but also she is trusted to sing the series theme song. The series itself is a big test for her. Because In the series she had to act as a teenager who got married by accident and has a child. This role is surely hard to act because she is only 15. But once again she proves that she is a real actress. As the result of her role in Pernikahan Dini series, she won four awards : two Panasonic Awards in 2001, for The most popular drama series by viewers choice and most favorite drama actress, and two SCTV awards in 2002 for Most Popular Drama and best actress. It is said that for playing in this series is she is said to be one of the most expensive highly paid actress. Because of her acting in Pernikahan Dini, she getting very busy in the year 2002.

In 2002, she acted in 3 series "Lupus Milenia", "Kejarlah Daku Kau Kutangkap" and "Amanda". For additional information "Kejarlah Daku kau Kutangkap" is a remake from Indonesia best seller movie.

2003-2004: And The Story Goes...
In 2003, Agnes released her album And The Story Goes.... The album is really shows her mature skill in singing, look at her voice in the song "Jera", "Ku tlah jatuh cinta" and "Bilang Saja". A lot of big singers helped her to made this album including: Ahmad Dhani, Abdee Negara(one of the personnel of Slank) and Titi DJ. She also starred in TV series including Cewekku Jutek, for which she also recorded the theme song "Indah",, and "Kau yang terindah". She won a Panasonic Award for Favorite TV Drama Star and also as SCTV Award for Best Actress.

In 2004, she starred in two series, Bunga Perawan and Cantik. She won a Planet Music Award for New Female Artist, and three AMI Awards for Best Duo for her collaboration with Ahmad Dhani in the song "Cinta Mati", Best singer, and Best dance and techno for her song "Bilang Saja", plus an SCTV Award for her acting in Cantik. She was nominee in MTV Asia Awards 2004 and she also was the youngest artist of all nominees in Asia.

2005-2007: Whaddup A.. '?! and overseas career development
In 2005, Agnes released her album Whaddup A.. ?! in collaboration with US singer Keith Martin. Because of this huge success selling caused the album to be re-released with the new concept and VCD bonus. Two singles, "Bukan Milikmu Lagi" and "Tanpa Kekasihku" has reached number 1 in MTV AMPUH . She won an SCTV Award for best actress. and an award from Indonesian News Channel for Music Video favorite Female.

In 2006, She won many awards such as : SCTV Music Awards for Famous Pop Solo Album, MTV Indonesia Music Awards for favorite female artist, Panasonic Awards for Favorite Female TV Drama Star, 2 awards from VMI awards for Favorite Video Clip and Best Actress in Video Clip "Tanpa Kekasihku", 3 awards from AMI Awards for Best Pop Female Solo Artist, Best R&B production for Solo, Duo, or Group category, and Best Design Graphis : Lesin Design, and Gadis Award for Go Regional. Agnes was involved in shooting the drama The Hospital in Taiwan, where she acted alongside Jerry Yan, a member of the band F4. She also acted in the drama Romance in the White House alongside Peter Ho, though she only appeared in a few episodes. For her brainpower, achievements and strong determination, a Korean Electronic brand LG picked her as their ambassador in Indonesia. Alongside with LG, she has numerous advertisements appear on media everyday, from a fashionable Japanese motorcycle, to a traditional Javanese Jamu. She also has been nominated by "Dewan Pimpinan Persatuan Artis Penyanyi, Pencipta Lagu dan Penata Musik Rekaman Indonesia" as Phenomenal New Generation Indonesia Music Artist

By the end of 2006, Agnes had the first concert in Malaysia. It was planned to hold a concert in Brunei as well, but the government of Brunei canceled it due to the objection from local religious counselor.

In 2007, She won two more awards for Best Performance Artist from Go Show and Extravaganza 3rd birthday. She became the special guest star for The first Asian Idol, that held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Agnes Monica was also appointed by DEA (Drugs Enforcement Administration) and IDEC Far East Region as the Anti Drugs Ambassador to promote drug-free life for youngsters in Indonesia. The task requires Agnes Monica to travel to 18 Asian countries in support of the international anti-drugs campaign, including Nepal, South Korea, China, India and Australia. According to the Chairman of IDEC Far East Region, Mr. Thanos, they chose Agnes after a long observation. They considered her a perfect choice as apart from being famous in east and south-east Asia, Agnes has a healthy life-style and has achieved many successes. She also became the Brand Ambassador for Japan's Honda Motors in Indonesia. In the end of 2007, Agnes Monica has been called as a Star Entertainer 2007.

2008-present: NEZ, Sacredly Agnezious
Composing and writing her own songs are not enough for her, she also produced her latest 2 albums that will be released simultaneously (limited edition mini album & Sacredly Agnezious). The limited edition consist of 2 singles, while Sacredly Agnezious contains 10 tracks in it (with gold edition contains 13 tracks).

In 2008, Agnes released a mini album titled NEZ in DVD/VCD format. It contains two new videos, "Matahariku" and "Godai Aku Lagi". This mini album also released in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei with different packaging and different titled Matahariku. Although this is a mini album that just contain two new videos, the mini album had reached more than 100.000 copies.

Agnes won an MTV Indonesia award for Most Favorite Female Artist. Because of her work in the past, Agnes received the Most Favorite Singer and Wannabe Award in the Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2008 (The first Kids Choice Awards in Asia). Agnes still has not started her "international debut" but she won an award at the Asia Song Festival 2008 held in Seoul, Korea as The Best Singer Award from the committee of Asia Song Festival 2008. Her appearance in the series Jelita made her popular in Malaysia. It was watched by nearly two million Malaysians.

In 2009, Agnes released her album Sacredly Agnezious in two versions: the first contains 10 songs and the second version was a limited edition, containing 13 songs (10 songs from the first version plus three songs, Intro, Interlude and Outro). A special version of the limited edition is on the front cover, both the text and logo Sacredly Agnezious was coated with gold.

Agnes become one of 17 musicians to receive a Talk Less Do More Award from Class Mild Award, naming her a Class Music Hero. Agnes Monica also became the youngest of all Class Music Heroes. This is was her first award in 2009. On February, she became the new Channel V AMP (Asia Music Platform) Artiste and was featured for two days on the channel.

While generally Indonesian students finish high school in six years, Agnes finished on only four years. She took a one-year year break from studying to act in Shanghai and Taiwan in 2008. She dropped out of university to pursue her ambition for international success and plans to start her music career in the USA. From the past of her acting skill, now Agnes Monica is the highest paid actress in Indonesia. She is paid 60 million Rupiah per TV series episode.

Agnes has conducted fundraising activities for victims of the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh and the earthquake victims in Java. In 2009, Agnes visited Situ Gintung and helped many disaster victims there by singing a few of her songs. Agnes Monica also helped raise over Rp 400 million for Persis, Surakarta?s soccer team, through a benefit concert held at the Diamond Convention Center in Surakarta.

About The Song

Agnes Monica receives a triple platinum award.
"Godai Aku Lagi", the second single of her album, Sacredly Agnezious , was heavily inspired by several international acts. The opening of the clip mimicked the music video Moulin Rouge,while the ending of the video was a tribute to the international blockbuster ?on Flux. There is a scene in the video where Agnes Monica, wearing a white wig, is strapped on a chair but vanishes into thin air when she is about to be injected with a toxic chemical substance. This scene was based on Madonna's music video of Die Another Day. "Godai Aku Lagi" set a record of hitting 1.5 million personalized ring-back tone sales, resulting in the song going triple platinum.

The limited edition of her mini album sold well not only in her homeland, Indonesia, but also in Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, "Matahariku", the first single of the album, Sacredly Agnezious, was certified platinum folllwing the activation of 1.5 million ring-back tones in 2008, and also became one of the most watched Indonesian female Singer videos on YouTube, garnering over one million views less than 5 months. After 10 months, the figure rose to more than two million viewers.Then, After one year of it published, it rising again over 2.5 million viewers.

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Rihanna and Cassie Naked Photos, Nude Pics, Young Turk: The Cultural Significance of Celebrity Nudity and Google Trends

Rihanna and Cassie Naked Photos, Nude Pics, Young Turk: The Cultural Significance of Celebrity Nudity and Google Trends
By Jeff Luppino-Esposito

The last two days of the internet's life and every male can be summed up as follows:

Day 1: Cassie Nude Pictures. NSFW! NSFW! NSFW!
Are those nipple rings?!
Wait, who the hell is Cassie?
Who cares, this is sweet.

Day 2: Rihanna Nude Pictures?! MORE Nipple Rings!
You can't even see the bruises from Chris Brown!
Who the hell is Young Turk?
Who cares, this is sweet

The last two days of the internet's life and every female can be summed up as follows:

Day 1 + 2: Oh, there's my husband looking at the internet and touching himself again.

Now it's PopSense's turn (in all of its androgynous glory) to weigh in

From the 'WHAT THAT WASN'T EVEN GOOD AND THE NIGHT VISION LOOKED STUPID!' of A Night in Paris, to the pedophiliatastic Miley Cyrus shower pics to the good old fashion Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee making the act of being on a boat super cool way before Andy Samberg, celebrity nudity, porn, and moderate indecent exposure has played a key role in the life of the unrelentingly horny internet user.

This latest two-day, two-part pseudo-porn extravaganza has been like a two-day, two-part Twilight Zone marathon except with Cassie, Rihanna, nudity, and no mystery whatsoever.

Being that we here at PopSense are obsessed with cultural trends and internet memes, I feel comfortable in saying that my masculinity has remained intact despite the fact that I spent about half as much time looking at the nude pictures themselves as I did tracking the google search trends regarding the topic.

Wait, before I continue, don't worry, I legitimately still have no idea who the hell Cassie is either.

Moving on, where were we, oh yes, google trend analysis yields greater sexual arousal than naked women.

It comes as no surprise that as of the time that this article was written, Rihanna's name (attached to terms such as: nude, naked, photo, pics, leaked, herpes, and twitter) appears 8 times in the top 100 search terms on google. It's inevitably less of an impressive showing for Cassie (4 times), but it is worth noting that search term number 24 is "Cassie Spread Eagle" which is just so explicitly vulgar that I had to repeat it in hopes of gaining some credit for the millions of people actively searching this image.

Also: Young Turk. What the hell does this mean. Why is it on all the Rihanna pictures? Is this some sort of political statement?! GODDAMMIT CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHO THE HELL CASSIE IS?!?

Rihanna Nude: Russian Roulette


I thought RiRi already shot the video for "Russian Roulette", but no. She's shooting the video for it today in LA. Btw "Russian Roulette" will be released on Itunes on November 3rd (US), so I guess worldwide it will be released around that date too..It's a bit late, don't you think?

Rihanna Pictures

Rihanna Rihanna Leaving Stringfellows Club in London
Rihanna Leaving Stringfellows Club in London
October 12, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture
Rihanna Rihanna On Tour in Glasgow

Rihanna On Tour in Glasgow
October 10, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture
Rihanna Rihanna Performs at the Liverpool Arena

Rihanna Performs at the Liverpool Arena
October 7, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture
Rihanna Rihanna in Concert

Rihanna in Concert
October 7, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture
Rihanna Rihanna Out in London

Rihanna Out in London
October 7, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture
Rihanna Rihanna Leaves Mahiki Nightclub Late

Rihanna Leaves Mahiki Nightclub Late
October 6, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture
Also Appearing:
Dudley O'Shaughnessy 
Rihanna Rihanna Live in Concert

Rihanna Live in Concert
October 6, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture
Rihanna Rihanna Performs At The O2 Arena - Loud Tour

Rihanna Performs At The O2 Arena - Loud Tour
October 5, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture
Rihanna Rihanna Wax Figure in London
Rihanna Wax Figure in London
October 3, 2011
Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture Rihanna Picture

Rihanna Bikini Pictures

Rihanna And Chris Brown Frolic On The Beach In Barbados
Last year Rihanna and Chris Brown took a short vacation in Barbados, also known as Rihanna's homeland. How Rihanna can continue to deny a relationship when there have been pictures of her sitting on his shoulders is anyone's guess.

Rihanna in Rihanna And Chris Brown Frolic On The Beach In Barbados
Couple Rihanna and Chris Brown spending time together with family on the beach in Barbados. The couple swam in the ocean, rode some jet skis and even rode on some inner-tubes. There was no ring on Rihanna's finger which some were hoping for....